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Our design process consists of three basic phases during which time we work directly with clients, or collaborate with architects, engineers, builders, and craftspeople.


The first phase of service envolves the basic planning of the project. Once we have spent time understanding how you live or work, your design style or aesthetic, and the specifics of the existing space or site, we develop a schematic plan that may include drawings, basic floor plans, inspirational photographs, renderings, and an initial pallet of materials that will help you to visualize the new space.


In the second phase we then refine those concepts together with you until we completely define the space and all its required elements including lighting, millwork, fixtures, and materials. Floor plans and specification details are finalized and budgetary compliance is reviewed. Upon completion of this phase, you will know everything from the finish on the walls to the furniture in the room.


In the third phase when the overall plan is completed, we produce the documents necessary to perform the work. If you wish, we can help you with contractor selection or competitive bidding for the project, and make referals to industry partners with whom we have built relationships over the years which may be appealing to out clients not residing in the area.



  • Interior Architecture + Design

  • Residential Interior Design

  • Commercial Interior Design

  • Space Planning

  • Lighting Plans + Lighting Specification

  • Material , Finish, Fixture + Furniture Selection

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