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Charlton Bradsher Art + Design

Charlton Bradsher Art+Design is a full service Interior Design firm in Asheville, North Carolina. For the past 15 years, Charlton Bradsher Art+Design, Associate ASID, has offered design and specification services for both residential and commercial projects. We work directly with clients, or collaborate with architects, builders, and regional craftspeople. 


As members of the American Society of Interior Designers, our design work covers a broad range of services from interior design of existing space to space planning for remodeling or new construction. In both residential or commercial settings, we create designs with balance and proportion that are mindful of our need for natural light. We consider the relationship of the outdoors to the interior space, and our affect on the environment. Materials and finishes are selected to convey a clean, linear look and yet create a sense of warmth and texture. Our lighting plans provide multiple options to the user and balance functionality, atmosphere, and visual interest.


For us design is a process, rather than a task. At Charlton Bradsher Art+Design, our job is to help our clients find their design voice and enable them to realize their vision. 


Through our years of experience in the art market, we are able to offer clients access to a strong network of art and design sources, and we approach our designwork from an art historic perspective. We source objects of art for residential and commercial clients, provide auction representation, collection consultation, art brokering, and art installation. Occasionally, we host invitational art / design exhibitions at our studio in downtown Asheville.





Associate, ASID


Principal Designer and founder, Charlton Bradsher is a graduate of the University of Redlands in California where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management.  He spent 15 years in management in the commercial aircraft industry before moving to Asheville, NC in 1993. He then worked hard to become a nationally recognized art dealer, specializing in regional vernacular art and furniture. In 2000, he began offering design services to his long standing clients, and the design side of the business quickly grew.  Today, Charlton has blended his mix of work experience and keen eye to bring an original perspective to the business of interior design in Asheville.





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