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Steel House Renovation

Location: Asheville, NC


This modernist house was created by Charles Seppenfield, FAIA, and built in 1962. Its recent period restoration attempts to strike a balance between giving it some new life while maintaining respect for its original design.


Interior  / exterior paint colors were selected to highlight structural design elements, create excitement, and add dimension. The colors travel inside and outside and back again to establish a connection. And a few punches of color add some energy and surprise to the public spaces.


Upholstery selections add small splash of color that relates to wall paint, yet otherwise is clean and calming.


The home originally had a similar hanging lamp in the foyer, now long gone, but we created one that pays homage to its predecessor using George Nelson lamps and thin cables.


Increasing the amount of light in the master closet / bath area was challenging due to the steel, flat roof structure. Glass canister lights were selected to provide a connection with original metal can lights found elsewhere in the home.


Original metal cabinetry was preserved in the kitchen and re painted. The yellow color was original and the gray was added for interest and contrast.






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