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Modern Retreat


Flooded with natural light, the modern dining area enjoys clean lines, and yet provides a sense of warmth and texture. The contemporary fixture casts light up, down, but not at, those in the space.


In a room filled with dynamic art and sculpture, combined with a dark floor, it was important not to distract from the architectural rhythm of the space. As such, paint color was a critical choice. In this room and others, a "customized" Ralph Lauren white was employed. Elsewhere, darker grey tones were used to highlight architectural shapes.


The custom fireplace facade is clad in steel, and the stair rail is powder-coated steel, all by metalsmith Warren Perdue. LED lights were integrated into the mantle to beautifully up-light large crystal sculptures, while the missile shaped floor lamp works with the verticality of the space.


In this otherwise calm and balanced living space, the Zulu tribal dance hats lend asymmetrical motion and a punch of color.


The walls between the den and dining areas were reconfigured to improve the flow between the spaces yet still provide seperation and a long ribbon window was added in the kitchen to enhance the amount of natural light and view to the outdoors.



Modern Mtn Home
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