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Remodeling: Interior Design Services

Charlton Bradsher Art + Design is a sought after interior design firm that transforms spaces and enhances interior environments. Our approach is thorough, and begins with a design review of the existing space.

We analyze many possibile configurations and then distill those ideas down, to find the most promising solutions for the space.

We can provide simple digital representations, or realistic renderings of the space(s) to aid our clients with visualization.

We choose finishes and materials that best suit the client's lifestyle and aesthetic, that consider proportion, scale, flow, and the original style of the existing structure.

We work with architects, contractors, builders and custom artisans to bring each space to life. By handling project management, we are able to ensure the details that make a design special are followed through and the final result is always spectacular! We've worked with every kind of space so whether you are taking on a kitchen, bathroom, Master suite, living room, outdoor entertainment or a whole house - we are here to make your dream a reality.


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